Yesterday was victorious for Sacramento politics with its first elected open-gay councilman, Steve Hansen! The Swearing-In Celebration was a blast, and being amongst beautiful people along with well-known political influences made it that much better! Although the party was dominated by handsome gentlemen, I appreciate and admired the beautiful ladies who stepped out in style! I didn't know how my look was going to turn out. The pinstripes on my dress were a clear contrast from my white leopard heels, but I wanted to create an illusion that also geld well together, while still keeping it simple. What better way to finish my look than with a layered pearl necklace, vintage gold clutch, and a gold ring? It wasn't so bad after all, but at the end of the day, I love to own my look.What can I say? "I like what I like," and it ended up being a great evening...with the Electric Slide as a grand finish! Job well done once again to Councilman, Steve Hansen and his hardworking team!

~Til next time ladies~


A Look Into Fall

Fall has quickly approached with sunny skies, yet cold days. After a speaking engagement amongst design students yesterday I went to happy hour with one of my girlfriends. I was looking forward to a wine-down Friday, but anxious for a daring look! For some reason, I was in a rock-style mood; so I put a little something together from my closet. I must say I received lots of compliments throughout the day on the whole outfit, so I wanted to share!  This is what happened when studious met a little Mod with a slight mix of Rock:

Eye Wear: Prescription: Glasses USA ($88.00 for a $127.00 value)
Plaid Tunic used as a dress: Target  (clearance $9.99) Riding Boots: Go Jane ($45.00) Bangles:Walmart ($5.00)



A sneak peak at some of the beauties carried by Rent~A~Clutch!


Steve Madden




That's right! "Wear it Work it Own it" as if you are on a high-end fashion runway! This, my friends, is the slogan to a new addition of  Huldah's Eikon: Rent~A~Clutch! A service that allows you to rent a clutch to complete that special look!
Not only am I a fashion fanatic, but those who know me or have seen me around town know that I'm an avid collector of clutches. Between complements and requests, I've finally decided to start a clutch rental business. Apart from that, let me just keep it real; I'm tired of coming across so many women at evening vicinities with the wrong type of purse. Oh, how it irks me to see a beautiful dress at a formal event or at a club---with a big purse!!! I know you can hear my pain within these words ladies (as I put my hand up and shake my head). That is a complete "no no!"
 Let me begin with one basic lesson: whenever you attend a formal event (i.e. wedding), evening event, or the club...wear a clutch! Basic Lesson #2: Invest in at least three clutches (two basics and one avant garde); one black, one brown/nude, and that special avant garde clutch that will make any outfit pop (whether it be pants and a blazer or a dress)!  Just leave the rest to Rent~A~Clutch to accommodate your special needs. Thank you in advance for being a part of the Rent~A~Clutch movement. Looking forward to seeing most if not all of you!

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Goodies & Glam---Sac's New Fashion Networking Trend

Within the last year-and-a-half of observing Sacramento's fashion scene; I must say that I'm quite impressed. Whoever would've thought that Sacramento would be on the map for one of California's top cities for fashion? From Hair Wars to Launch Events to Fashion's Night Out, and now---the integration of Goodies (or Glitz) and Glam by Face It Salon Boutique; (http://www.faceitsalonandspa.com/midtown-sacramento-boutique.html) a 2012 opening event in which local businesses within the fashion and beauty industry collaborate to showcase and cross-market each other’s talents and new product lines.
The Goodies and Glam Event is one that "transformed chic boutique to a one stop glam session, featuring complimentary makeup application by GloMinerals and skin care consultation by Dermalogica. Sweet treats were also provided by TreyBCakes Gourmet Bakery and Eatery along with wine tasting by Midtown winery, Revolution Wines. The event continued with swag bags and in store deals to make upcoming holidays like Valentine’s Day much easier to shop for." I was honored to meet local jewelry designer Carolyn Hearn; (Carolyn Hearn Designs) whose pieces I adore and recommend to ALL fashionistas! Other labels I came across during this gathering were Me & d (a mom and daughter team), Vain (Face It's own in-house label), and the newly exclusive Adrienne Maloof collection!
Why shop alone when you can mingle, get glammed up, with dessert and a glass of wine in hand, while awaiting new deals and featured products for the upcoming season? This my friends,  is the new fashion networking trend!

Til next time!
~ HE~

Adrienne Maloof Collection

Adrienne Maloof Shoes---exclusively @ Face It Boutique

Me & d

Carolyn Hearn Designs
Carolyn Hearn and Huldah's Eikon

Make up by Cherie Scalzi (owner of Face It Boutique)

Voila! Finished Product
Face It's own Vain Collection

GloMinerals-best ever!


After (by Glo Minerals)!

Fashion reunion!



...and that's exactly what this year's models did for the 2011 "It's Show Time" Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. This year's vibrant colors, textures, and intricate details intensified the show; making it that much more fun to watch. Everything was big and bright---from the wings and costumes of the angels to their smiles and playful spirits. From the exuberant colors of the super hero costumes to the bedazzled jewels of the "I put a spell on you" theme; the creations were beautiful, exquisite, and out of this world! The wings as I remember were bigger and more versatile this year than ever before with a twist in style; giving off a sort of Avatar illusion.
Big accessories, vibrant colors , (yellow, turquoise, purple, red, gold, silver...),sequins, innocence mixed with sensuality styles, to name a few are among the common trends I observed during this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Life is good---especially in the bedroom! As one model put it, "if only you knew the things that can be created out of a pair of panties and a bra." Well said and well done!
And now a few of my favorite looks from the night:

The $2.5mil bra

 Some might be surprised to know that some of these women are not only known for their fame as Victoria's Secret models, but also the important role they play as mommies. Stay tuned to find out who on Mamas on the Runway Part II. Til next time!




And they say only those like Heidi Klum can make a quick comeback after having a baby? Umm, no think again ladies; because this too can happen to regular women like you and me! One of the reasons that pushed me to write this piece is seeing how today's generation (~25-30years of age) of women are so quick to bounce back to their pre-baby bodies after giving birth. I had to ask if it's a generational thing because women I've came across in the past never made mommy-hood look so sexy!
Since some might not be willing to take my word for it as I am not a mother, I was given the opportunity to interview newly mom (of a three month old), adolescent friend, and model, Stephanie Birch-Molina.  Stephanie is mother to a newly born three month old who recently returned to her modeling profession.  When asked how she is able to do it, she had lots of advice to give. Our interview is as follows:

Huldah's Eikon: compare your feelings about returning to modeling pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy.
Stephanie Birch-Molina: During pregnancy I basically did not have to think twice when asked if I would be returning to modeling. But after pregnancy, when the time got near especially for me to partake in Bay Area Fashion Week, I got really nervous. Within two weeks of the show I almost didn't want to do it because of my nerves and logistics (i.e., breastfeeding, etc). I was unsure if my body was ready for it but my main concern was how I can still be me and a mommy at the same time?

HE: hmmm, go on...
SBM: Well, close to the show I was very nervous---like, lump in my throat nervous.  That was very unusual for me because getting into modeling mode was never a problem before. But post-pregnancy, the thought of getting into modeling mode and mommy mode at once made me that much more nervous. Like I mentioned before, I almost declined to do the show, but the encouragement from close family and friends gave me a little hope to continue my journey with my first show post pregnancy. I received compliments like 'Steph, you can do this...you're a natural; after all you've got this in the bag'---but little did they know; it was easier said than done. When I got to the show I saw the other models, designers, and vendors. Out of no where it was time for me to take a practice walk on the runway.

HE: How was that?
SBM: Nerve-racking and hesitant at first. All that kept running through my head was 'how can I be me and a mom at the same time?' On the runway a model is required to be sexy, confident, flirtatious, and playful; all things I never had problems with pre-pregnancy. But now as a mom, I know that things would be a little different because I now have a little one to set examples for. To start, I was a bit reserved due to my new role as a mom, but the designer pieces made it a little easier to fall into character. Frock Los Angeles' line is very classy, elegant, comfortable, and best of all, eco-friendly. These dresses make you feel like a woman-so after hair, makeup, and putting on the dress, my nerves slowly turned to excitement!

HE: Tell me something, when you saw the bodies of the other models how did you feel? Was there any sense of competition?
SBM: Quite frankly, I didn't care much about the other models' body regarding extreme skinniness. What other models do is not important to me.  What is important is making the designers happy, not the models because at the end of the day the designers are the ones asking me to be a part of their show, not the models. We're all there for a purpose, simply a blank canvas to showcase a designers creation.

HE: Did the other models know you were a mommy?
SBM: Actually no, most did not. The only people who knew were my girlfriend who was in the show with me (also a new mom) the designers. My girlfriend and I were so grateful to do the show together, both being new moms, so we helped pump each other up. She was so sweet keeping me company while I was pumping in the bathroom. We drove together so it was really neat to experience this with her too.

HE: How were they (the designers that is)?
SBM: They were great! Very accommodating. They provided me with everything I needed and made sure I felt comfortable every step of the way.  I was able to pump before the show and they made sure to secure my breasts with padding and tape just in-case I leaked; hey the beauty of mommy-hood. Everyone was really nice and I appreciated it. I was there to do a job, but at the same time they also knew my needs as a mother and were very sweet and respectful. Very encouraging too!

HE: How do you feel now?
SBM: Awesome! I can't wait to do it again.

HE: That's great! With that being said, how do you feel now about your continued success within the industry?
SBM:  I feel geared for success in the future and highly confident in continuing this profession. I'm now looking forward to a more commercial route, charity events, castings, and more networking opportunities in working with designers. No matter what, I'm still very selective and only open to opportunities that will add actual value to my portfolio and my career. My little man makes things different now; and all for the best!

HE: What message do you have for (a) other moms within the same industry and (b) moms period?!!!
SBM: "Totally go for it." That's my message for moms within or returning to the industry. For moms, "be a good mom!  Don't lose yourself in mommy-hood. It's important to be sexy and feel sexy! Don't be lazy, don't let yourself go. That's just not right. If you're fine with laziness, more power to you, but don't complain when your husband or significant other is not attracted and don't whine about not feeling like yourself if you're not doing anything about it (exercise, eat right, etc). I still want to represent being a woman and I do it for myself.  Who doesn't like wearing heels and feeling pretty? It really doesn't take much time and effort to put yourself together everyday with a little blush, mascara, and lip gloss."

HE: Other than your newly born son, what is important to you?
SBM: Pursuing my passion(s) versus what everyone else is doing (regular job) from 9-5 is what's important to me. How can I tell my son to live his dreams and go for what he wants when he gets older if I'm not practicing that myself? What kind of message would I be sending to him?

What does Stephanie Birch-Molina have to say about significant others, smacking that ass (yeah I said it), and more about laziness? ...Stay tuned for  Part two of "Mamas on the Runway." Meanwhile, feel free to follow her on her blog as she shares special moments of new parenthood on openbookmoments.blogspot.com.

Til next time!

pre-baby fashion shoot
8 months
39 weeks
post-baby @ Frock LA fashion show